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480 West Town Street, Columbus, Ohio

Do you enjoy gaming? Do you enjoy long walks on the beach after demolishing your friends in Street Fighter? Check out Close Quarters, the Social Gaming Club!

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Close Quarters is all about collective improvement. Whether it's improving our friendships, the Columbus community, or our sick competitive game skills, this is a club for anyone who is driven to succeed and/or have fun with others. Engage with our community through our FaceBook page here. Click the button below to view membership options!

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A Gaming Experience Like No Other

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Compete and Improve with Fellow Players

Our membership is welcoming to all! Whether you are new to playing competitive games or you have been playing since you were old enough to push buttons, we will be excited to have you as one of our members. We represent the best that Columbus gamers have to offer in terms of friendliness and helpfulness.

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Play Superb
Competitive Games

We offer fresh new games and classics for players of all styles. Our stellar game selection includes the only 5v5 arcade game Killer Queen Arcade, the incomparable Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and more!

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Events and Tournaments

We proudly offer open tournaments for all our members and non-members to compete in. People travel from cities all around the country to compete at our Club. We also host other gaming related events. Please like and follow our FaceBook page here for more on events!

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